The Aawaaz Philosophy

Founded in 2015, Aawaaz started off as an organization with a vision to change the way education is perceived in India. We have been involved in the education and development sector for over half a decade and have successfully impacted more than 15000 students with our specialized curriculum. Aawaaz wishes to achieve equitable education and holistic development of students by focusing not just on academics but the non-academic aspects as well.

Aawaaz is based on the fundamental idea of making education equitable and accessible. In our mission to provide for the holistic development of our students we provide various services ranging from co-curricular activities to board curriculum development. We understand the role a teacher plays in the life of a student and strive to make that experience a fulfilling one.

Our Story & Our Motivation

Education today is a necessity, the distribution of which is highly unequal. Upon the realization of this, came the idea of Aawaaz.

Tarang Tripathi founded Aawaaz in 2015 when his experience as a teacher in a government school exposed him to the raging inequality in the education system. Thus Aawaaz disposes the idea that one should be at a disadvantage by virtue of their socio-economic condition. The motivation our projects comes from recognizing how a rigid education system undermines the potential of students by evaluating them solely on standardized quantitative metrics. Aawaaz strives to bridge this gap and provide an opportunity for the holistic development of young students. We believe in nurturing a healthy environment among students, parents, and fellow teachers. A natural change for the better in the current education system.

What We Do

As part of our mission to educate, empower and liberate, we provide specialised services to bridge the gap between the current education system, and the kind of learning experience we believe students deserve. Our services include vital aspects such as Curriculum Support and Teacher Training since we value an engaging and fulfilling classroom environment. To further enhance the experience of students we train students in Design Thinking, Public Speaking, Problem Solving, Parliamentary Debating, MUN, Creative Writing, Dance, Theatre, Art & Craft and Photography. We are assisted by our partners in this journey to accomplish our mission. Our partners include various Institutions in and around Delhi namely, The Mother’s International School, The Bluebells School International, three branches of The Shriram Millennium School- Noida, Gurugram and Faridabad respectively. Our partners also include Non-Profits such as TeachForIndia, Simple Education Foundation, St+art India Foundation and extend to The Government of Delhi, Jan Ki Baat and the Centre for Civil Society.

Contact Us

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