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Courses that hone the skills of students through our curriculum that focuses on experiential learning. Our classes will ensure that each child gets the opportunity to enhance their self-confidence, expression, and articulation while having fun!

Public Speaking

Public speaking has three primary goals, informing, convincing, and persuading an audience. This particular activity will equip students with the skills required for effective communication

Parliamentary Debate

Parliamentary Debate is modeled on the British and Asian Parliamentary System and through our curriculum, the students will understand various formats, structures, procedures of Parliamentary Debate

United Nations
Model United Nations

MUN is an educational simulation and an academic activity in which students learn about different issues in various countries by acting as delegates. Students will learn about diplomacy, international relations, the rules and procedures of the United Nations.


Theatre being an innovative expressive art form involves understanding of volume, expressions, and dialogue delivery. This activity will also help students understand the concept of playmaking, acting, and direction.

Writing on Paper
Creative Writing

Through creative writing, students will learn the art of writing creatively in different genres and styles. Some of the skills these classes will tap upon are ideation, creativity, as well as sentence construction.

Dance Class

Dance will expose students to different national and international forms. They will gain knowledge about the basics involved in various dance forms. Students will also understand the influence of different cultures on dance.


The art of photography involves multiple skills such as understanding of the perfect angle, understanding of lighting, and an eye for detail. Students will work on these skills to understand the nuances of photography.

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